Gloucestershire Federation


In this section you will find details about the Gloucestershire scheme together with the rules and other general information.

Tricare Health Fund has been established by the Police Federations of Gloucestershire, West Mercia and West Yorkshire to administer their discretionary health funds. We believe we offer excellent value for money comparing the cost of premiums and the amount of coverage on offer. However, as with all health funds, there are some exclusions.

These Rules supersede all previous Rules of the Scheme.

The Federation Health Scheme is not an ‘insured Scheme’. It is your own scheme, financed solely by the subscriptions of the members and benefits are payable at the discretion of the Scheme’s Management Committee. It is therefore in your own interests to use the Scheme sensibly. The Fund Manager and staff have been appointed to monitor and process claims for benefit with a view to exercising a degree of control over spending and secure the long-term viability of the scheme.

Important changes

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Update March 2014

HMRC have informed our advisors that the executors of any person who has been a member of a settlor-interested trust within 7 years of the date of death must declare this fact when applying for probate. This is because membership of the trust amounted to a reservation of benefit for inheritance tax purposes, which has to be reported as part of the probate application, and may increase the amount of tax due if the value of your estate is close to or above the tax free nil rate band currently £325,000.

As the current management of the scheme was not in place when the Trust was set up, we cannot provide accurate figures for contributions made by any individual member of the Trust. We are only in a position to state that no individual could have contributed more than £52,800 since 1991.

If you are in any doubt you should seek advice from your solicitor, accountant or will writer.


Access to medical information is strictly limited to the Directors and Staff of Tricare.