Why should I join?

What the Health Scheme can do for you:-

If your GP thinks you need to see a specialist

The scheme can pay for private consultations. Using the NHS you may wait 3 months for a consultation.  Using the health scheme some of our members have seen a consultant surgeon within 48 hours of seeing their GP.

If a consultant thinks you need investigations

The scheme can pay for x- rays, blood tests, ultrasound scans, although blood tests may be done by the NHS on the day of your consultation you will wait for appointments for X-rays or ultrasound scans.  Through the health scheme these often happen on the day you see the specialist.

If a consultant thinks you need specialist investigations

The scheme can pay for MRI scans, endoscopies etc. You may have to wait 6 months for an MRI scan on the NHS.  We can usually get them for our members within 1 week.  If you need an Endoscopy (a camera inserted to investigate a problem) you may wait 3-6 months on the NHS.  Health Scheme members can usually have an endoscopy within 10 days.

If a consultant thinks you need an operation

The scheme can pay for operations to take place in private hospitals. On the NHS, not only will you have to wait for all operations other than emergencies, but you will not be able to choose when you are treated.  Through the health scheme, it is possible for our members to agree a mutually acceptable time with their consultant. Sometimes our members are able to have surgical treatment within 48 hours of being told it is  needed.

If a GP or consultant thinks you need physio

The scheme can pay for outpatient physiotherapy. You may wait more than 6 weeks for your initial consultation with an NHS physio.  Tricare members may  see a physio the same day they contact Tricare.

Is treatment limited to injuries on duty?

The Scheme does not pay for emergency treatment, other than that, it doesn’t matter how you got your problem. If you have had an accident or injury, you will be treated by the NHS.  When the NHS tells you that you have to go away and wait for treatment at an outpatient department, then the scheme can step in and save you the waiting time.

Can I have treatment for a problem I’ve had for a long time?

The scheme does not pay for treatment for existing conditions until you have been in the scheme for 2 years. It would not be fair to allow people to join the scheme knowing that they needed treatment and expecting the scheme to pay.  The Directors take very seriously any attempt to gain benefit by deception.